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Options For Switching From A Concrete To An Asphalt Driveway

If your concrete driveway is in shade most of the day, and you have problems with stains from algae, oil, and grime, you may wish you had an asphalt driveway instead. Asphalt gets stained and dirty too, but since it's black, the stains aren't as noticeable. Plus, the black color can be easily restored by having a new sealcoat put on the driveway every few years. If you think you'd prefer an asphalt driveway, talk to a contractor about making the switch. Here are some options.

Apply Asphalt Over The Concrete

It's possible to cover concrete with a layer of asphalt. This is the least expensive way to get a new asphalt driveway, but it also comes with risks since the base isn't being replaced. The driveway may not have a long life, and if the concrete cracks, the cracks will probably cause cracking in the asphalt too. In order to cover concrete with asphalt, the concrete should be in good shape and the base under it has to have proper drainage and be stable.

If sections of the concrete are sunken or heaved, then your asphalt contractor may advise replacing the entire driveway. The only way to know if you can use the quick and less expensive method of getting an asphalt driveway is to have your driveway inspected by a paving contractor.

Tear Out The Concrete Driveway And Start Over

If your driveway is old or there's evidence of problems with the base under it, then tearing out the old concrete and starting over is probably your best option. When the driveway is built up from the ground with a stable base designed specifically to support asphalt, you can be sure the driveway will have a long life if you keep up with repairs and sealcoating. Replacing the driveway is a matter of busting up the concrete and hauling it away. Next, the contractor compacts the base to prepare it for the hot asphalt, and then the asphalt is applied and allowed to cure. It may need to cure for several months until you can have a protective sealcoat applied.

The switch from a white concrete driveway to an attractive dark asphalt driveway will make an impact on the curb appeal of your property. You'll still need to repair cracks over the years so they don't turn into potholes, but repairing asphalt is often an easy DIY project if you make repairs early. Most of all, you can enjoy the way asphalt enhances the appearance of your property.

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