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Consider Expanding Your Parking Lot If You Have Land Available And Expect Future Growth

If your store's parking lot is always full and you need more space, you may want to expand your lot if you have some available land nearby. By turning undeveloped land into a parking lot, you eliminate the need to mow down weeds or landscape the land that isn't in use, and you'll have more parking spaces. Here are some steps in the process.

Consult With a Commercial Paving Company

Long before work begins, you'll need to discuss your project with a commercial paving company. They can evaluate your land to determine what needs to be done. For instance, the soil may need to be stabilized, trees may need to be cleared, and you might need to build a retention pond to collect rain runoff. The paving company can also help with the city since you'll need to know and follow city regulations for adding a parking lot to your property. You might need to get approval for the design and there may be other requirements, such as replacing trees you cut down or planting a number of new trees based on the size of your new lot.

Design the Parking Lot Addition

The paving company can design a lot of the right size based on your needs and available space. You might also want to include islands for plants, light poles, and trees so the lot has an attractive appearance. If you'll plant trees, you'll need to pick out the right ones for growing near asphalt so their roots or leaves don't become a problem. A lot of thought and planning go into putting in a new parking lot including figuring out how to deal with drainage.

Begin Work on the Lot

The land has to be cleared so the ground can be prepped for the asphalt. If the land was growing wild, there may be brush and trees that need to be dug out. Once the land is clear, the paving company can add stabilizers to the soil if it's necessary. Then, construction of the base begins. The base is an important part of a parking lot since it will support the weight of many cars. The base has to be compacted well so it's strong. When it's ready, hot asphalt is poured on the surface and allowed to cure until it's ready to have the stripes painted on. Lights, landscaping, and hardscaping are added at the appropriate time.

Consider If You Want to Enhance Your Current Lot

Your current parking lot might look old and worn out with brand-new asphalt right next to it. Talk to commercial paving services about resurfacing your old lot or adding a sealcoat so it has a dark and attractive color too. A parking lot is a good use of undeveloped land on your property, especially if your business is growing and your lot is nearly full many days. Your customers will appreciate having more spaces to park and having ample parking might pay off by drawing more customers and increasing your sales.