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Need To Install Concrete This Winter? Follow These Tips

Do you have an outdoor project that requires concrete and needs to be done, but now the cold weather has hit? If so, know that you don't have to postpone your project until the weather gets warm again. It's possible to install concrete during cold weather if you follow these tips.

Verify That The Ground Isn't Frozen

One very important aspect of installing concrete is the ground that it is being placed on since it impacts how durable the concrete will be over the years. If the outdoor temperatures are very cold, it means that you need to set aside some additional time to prepare the soil prior to installing concrete. If you till the soil that is frozen, you'll create some airflow that will help thaw it. Soil that is compact will stay frozen much longer, so break it up to help it thaw out. 

Use Concrete Blankets

Another option is to cover the ground with a concrete blanket. You actually plug in these blankets so that they can provide heat to the area. This helps warm up the ground so that it thaws out and makes it easier to install the cement on top of it.

Use Quick Curing Cement

A common mistake made when installing concrete during the winter is using normal cement. While it may be cheaper, it is going to have a tough time curing. Consider switching to a quick curing cement to help speed up the process. It may cost a bit more to purchase, but it will help ensure that the concrete cures in the cold weather.

Use An Accelerator In The Concrete

You have the option of using a concrete accelerator if you need to install it during cold weather. Cold weather will require more time for your concrete to completely cure, which can cause some huge problems. Thankfully, the accelerator compound adds calcium chloride to the mix to help reduce the amount of time necessary for the concrete to dry. Make sure you follow the directions so that you are adding the right amount of accelerator to the concrete mix to make it work correctly. 

Use A Heater

Be aware that you can speed up the drying process by using an outdoor heater. Not only does it make the area warmer so that the concrete can cure, but it provides consistent heat that makes the concrete cure in a more stable way. You can rent these industrial heaters from your local home improvement store. Call a concrete contractor in your area today.