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Asphalt Home Maintenance Tips To Help You Plan For The Future Of Your Pavement

When you plan to invest in a pavement surface on your property, you want a material that will last you through the years and provide you with the support a good pavement brings. Here are some maintenance and upkeep recommendations to keep your home driveway well managed and protected for many years.

Use Asphalt Additives

The type and quality of your asphalt pavement depends greatly on the materials you use for this well-used surface. For example, you want to buy fresh hot mix asphalt for your paved home surface so the materials are not cooling or drying out to cause to the pavement's failure. If you are approached by someone selling off extra asphalt mixture leftover from an earlier job, do not hire them as the asphalt mixture will be lower quality because it is not fresh.

As an additive to keep your asphalt more durable, some asphalt companies can add in certain additives and mixes to boost the asphalt's durability and life. For example, for a driveway that will get a lot of use from heavy trucks and other vehicles, you can request a mixture containing larger pieces of aggregate for a more durable surface.

Gilsonite is another additive that can be mixed into fresh asphalt mixture to help hold the materials together better and give you a longer-lasting surface. Talk to your local paving professional about your options and what they recommend for your specific paving needs.

Follow Recommended Repair Maintenance

Keeping an eye on your pavement will help you keep up on its condition. As you notice cracks forming in the pavement you can and should patch them with an asphalt filler. This is a great DIY project with the help of supplies from most home improvement stores, or you can use a professional asphalt company to perform asphalt maintenance and keep it looking great for years to come.

Look at resurfacing or adding a sealcoating every few years based on the wear and aging of your asphalt. The weather conditions in your area can affect the aging of your pavement and how it holds up over time. So watch its condition closely so you can complete the needed repairs to protect its integrity. It's much easier to fix small issues than to let them go a few seasons without maintenance and deteriorate your asphalt further.

Keep It Clean

An asphalt paved driveway, for example, can last upwards of two decades if it is maintained in the right ways. And this involves patching holes, filling cracks, and keeping it clean of damaging vehicle fluids. Anytime a vehicle parked or driving upon your asphalt drops any amount of oil, gasoline, or brake fluid, the petroleum-based binders of your asphalt will become softened and can dissolve, leaving you with loose gravel and a hole in your pavement. As you inspect your pavement, use a pavement cleaner to remove any spills and spots from vehicle fluids.