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Spring Cleaning For Your Asphalt Parking Lot

As a business owner, you are well aware that maintenance and prevention is better than repair and replacement when it comes to your bottom line. Nowhere is this more true than when it comes to your parking lot. Spring is a great time to get your lot in top shape and fix any damage that occurred over the long winter.

Schedule a Deep Cleaning

Ice melt chemicals, oil and car fluids, and general dirt can detract from your lot and also eat away at the asphalt. Fortunately, a timely lot cleaning can provide an instant facelift and prevent damage. Plan to have the lot cleaned as soon as the snow and ice melts in spring. Monthly lot cleaning thereafter will ensure your parking lot looks its best year-round.

Repair Minor Damage

Even a well-managed parking lot is bound to develop a crack or small hole, especially over the winter months. Prompt repair prevents the damage from developing into potholes. Your asphalt company will clean out the crack and then fill it with a hot asphalt mix. The hot mix merges with the existing asphalt to form a permanent patch that isn't likely to crumble. Avoid cold asphalt and DIY patches, though, as these may only last a few months since they don't bond with the surrounding asphalt.

Consider Sealcoating or Repaving

A sealcoat is a protective layer over the asphalt that prevents weathering and staining. It's made up of tar and emulsifiers that bond with the asphalt. A sealcoat should be reapplied every couple of years. As a bonus, it helps even out patches so they are less obvious. If your lot is badly damaged or pitted, repaving may be a better option than sealcoating. Repaving, also called resurfacing, is the application of a fresh asphalt layer over the old one, which gives the appearance and functionality of an entirely new lot without the need to remove and replace the old paving base.

Refresh the Lines

Lines become faded after a winter of snow removal or rain. Plus, sealcoating or resurfacing will also obscure the old lines. Schedule a restriping visit to have the parking lines, traffic guides, and disabled areas repainted so that your customers can easily navigate your lot in the future. This is also a good time to have curbs repainted so that no-parking, loading, and emergency zones can be easily recognized.

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