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4 Steps That Help Preserve Your Commercial Asphalt Pavement Surfaces

Maintaining your commercial asphalt surfaces may not seem like an investment that saves you money at first glance. However, a closer look reveals that preserving your parking lots and pavements enhances the overall value of your property. In addition, proper care extends the life of these surfaces and costs much less than replacing your asphalt. With this in mind, here are some treatments you can perform on your asphalt pavement surfaces to keep them looking as good as new:

Performing Regular Patching

Asphalt patching is one of the most cost-effective steps in maintaining your surfaces. It is also an efficient way to protect the most visible surfaces of your commercial property. Ultimately, patching small cracks and potholes before they worsen protects against further damage that would require a more thorough intervention. Additionally, it prevents erosion to your parking lots, roadways, etc. Professional patching also prevents water infiltration that could otherwise compromise the sub-base asphalt.

Keeping Up with Sealcoating

Asphalt surface seal coating is a straightforward and inexpensive means of protecting against escalated repair expenses. This measure involves laying a specialized sealer over surfaces with minimal or no damage. Consequently, the seal blocks water, harmful UV rays, and vehicle fluids from penetrating your surfaces. Furthermore, a new coat of sealant restores your asphalt's color, which enhances your commercial property's curb appeal.

Placing Overlays

If your surfaces exhibit signs of deterioration, you can place overlays to avoid a complete re-pavement. This strategy requires the application of a new layer of asphalt over your existing base. When expertly done, this repairs visible damage and prevents your surfaces from ripping. As a result, you extend the service life of your existing asphalt at a minimized cost and construction time.

Treating With a Slurry Seal

Your commercial asphalt surfaces bear a lot of pressure from heavy vehicles, foot traffic, and weather elements. For this reason, you are likely to notice cracks occasionally. Over time, the damage increases due to continual use and plant growth. Fortunately, you can rectify such damage with a slurry seal and keep your surface looking new. Moreover, this cold mix paving treatment protects your underlying asphalt by creating a protective layer that can last for years.

Undoubtedly, preserving your asphalt surfaces through regular maintenance can significantly extend their lifespan. It also heads off costly repairs and premature asphalt replacement. Getting in touch with a commercial paving service to care for your commercial asphalt surfaces is essential to reaping value from your investment.