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Three Things You Should Know About New Asphalt For Your Property's Parking Lot

If you're a commercial property owner with a large asphalt parking lot, at some point, you realized there is a limit to the repairs that can be done. In the past, an asphalt repair company has filled potholes or sealed cracks, but this is no longer enough. The parking lot looks shabby and unappealing. Your customers are beginning to notice, and it is hurting business. A new asphalt surface is needed. When this happens, there are a few things that you should know.

An asphalt overlay is usually the lowest-cost solution

Asphalt overlay is simply installing a new layer of asphalt over your present asphalt. In this way, the foundation for the new asphalt becomes your old asphalt surface. However, this can only be done a certain amount of times. If it has been done in the past, another layer of asphalt may bring the total height beyond local codes. It also may create drainage problems or other issues relating to the height of the parking lot's surface. Because of the reduced work involved, this is the cheapest way to go.

The surface may only require selective base repairs before a new overlay

Another issue is with the condition of your surface. A neglected asphalt surface can produce unevenness that requires preparation for an overlay of asphalt. Usually, this is when chunks of asphalt are breaking away from the surface. The asphalt in this area will be milled down, then broken up and hauled away. The rock base that is left is compacted, then filled with new asphalt. Your parking lot is now ready for an asphalt overlay. If this can be done in limited areas of the parking lot, it can save you money.

The parking lot may need an entirely new asphalt surface

If there are too many base repairs needed, the entire parking lot will be taken down to its gravel base. Sometimes spots of asphalt will be left to help create a firmer base, but basically, you're getting a new parking lot. As with base repairs, the asphalt will be broken up and taken away. The gravel will be pressed down, and hot asphalt poured. The surface will be smoothed out and allowed to cool down. Although this will be the most expensive project, with care, it will last many years.

Once it is clear that repairs to your parking lot are insufficient, and the surface of the parking lot is in bad condition, an asphalt overlay will be required. If possible, this can be achieved with a simple layer of new asphalt over the old one, with little prep work. Deep repairs to the base, however, may be needed in specific areas, but occasionally, all the old materials will be disposed of, and a new surface, built from the base up will be required. An asphalt paving company can inspect your parking lot and provide you with more details.