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Asphalt Sealing: Key Application Tips To Focus On

In order to make asphalt last longer, it can be sealcoated. This basically involves putting a protective layer over the top of asphalt. If you plan to perform this renovation to asphalt around your property, be sure to take these measures.

Look at Before and After Photos of Different Sealcoats

Before you apply a sealcoat to asphalt around your property, it's important to select the right product. Then you can start the installation with confidence that this investment will be worth it in the end. Probably one of the best ways to approach this selection is to look at before and after photos of different sealcoat products.

Then you can see clearly what your asphalt will look like with different sealcoat options. Some coats might be darker than others depending on what their makeup is. Either way, you can make a better selection thanks to these pictures.

Cut Grass Near the Asphalt

Something you don't want to happen when you apply a sealcoat to asphalt is for grass to fall into your mix. This not only can interfere with your application results, but it can also make the sealcoat not look as professional.

You thus want to take some time to clip grass around the asphalt, so that you don't have to worry about this problem happening throughout the application. You can use a lawn mower, weed remover, or just some standard hand tools. Once grass around the edges of asphalt has been clipped, you can proceed to application with ample confidence.

Mix Carefully to Achieve the Right Consistency

In order to have an easier time applying a sealcoat to asphalt around your property, you need to mix said product correctly until it has the right consistency. Then it will apply to asphalt surfaces in an optimal manner and be easy to maneuver with a squeegee of your choosing.

You won't struggle with this mixing task if you get an automated tool that does all of the work for you. Then you would just need to keep mixing the asphalt sealcoat with water and other additives until the right consistency has been achieved.

If you want to protect asphalt around your property, such as an asphalt driveway, then you may want to put a sealcoat on it. Then it will have more protection from the elements. You just need to follow the correct application protocols as best you can to see optimal results. For more information, contact a company like Azzarelli Paving & Site Development.