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What A Concrete Paving Company Does When You Get A New Driveway

If you're planning to have a new concrete driveway installed, you'll need to plan the process with the concrete paving company. There are a few preparation steps the paving company takes to prepare for the installation. Here's an overview of what a concrete paving company does to put in your new driveway.

Remove The Old Driveway And Prepare The Soil

If you already have a driveway, whether it's asphalt or concrete, the old material must be broken up and taken away. Both concrete and asphalt can be recycled, so you don't have to worry about creating a lot of waste.

When the old driveway is out of the way, the concrete paving contractor can examine the base to see if it needs repairs before the concrete is poured. The contractor may need to adjust the slope for better drainage and add gravel to the soil. The soil will then need to be compacted so the base is tight and strong.

Build The Frame

Concrete is poured on the base. It's a thick liquid like mud, so it will flow until something stops it. That's why a frame is needed around the perimeter of the driveway. The frame is usually made of wood boards. The concrete flows until it hits the boards and forms into the shape of your driveway. When the concrete has cured, the boards are taken away.

Level The Concrete And Add Texture

Once the concrete is in the form, it's still soft enough to work with, so the crew can level it by pulling a screed board across the top of it. When the concrete is level, the crew may roughen it up with a push broom so the concrete won't be slippery when it rains.

During this phase and before the concrete gets too hard, the crew can stamp in designs if you want a stamped concrete driveway. In a matter of hours, the concrete will be set and too hard to work with. However, it could take several days before the concrete is hard enough to drive on without harming it.

Add A Sealcoat If Desired

When your new driveway has cured, it should drain properly when it rains and provide a stable surface for your cars to park on for many years. Talk to the concrete paving company about having your new driveway sealed. Sealing could help your driveway last longer and be more attractive. If you decide to seal the driveway, you may need to wait several weeks for the concrete to cure before the sealcoat is applied.

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