Pave the Way: A Website About All Things Pavement

Pave the Way: A Website About All Things Pavement

Patch A Sloped Asphalt Driveway

Asphalt wears down over time. A sloped driveway that experiences water runoff from a downspout draining or plummeting temperatures may wind up showing signs of wear, which usually begin with the formation of cracks. Because cracks can grow longer and wider when left untreated, the best way to restore the surface is by patching it as soon as you notice signs of damage.

How To Spot Concrete Troubles That Need To Be Fixed

If your property is like most other residential properties, then you likely have plenty of concrete worked into your landscape. It's highly likely you have a concrete driveway, a concrete walkway, a concrete porch, and possibly even a concrete patio in the backyard. The more concrete you have around your property, the more you are going to have to keep your eyes open

Sealcoating: Frequently Asked Questions

Regardless of whether you have an asphalt residential driveway or a business parking lot, it is important that the asphalt is maintained to ensure it remains functional and visually appealing. Sealcoating is one thing you can do to help prevent several defects from forming that can reduce the appearance of asphalt and potentially result in liability issues. Keep readi

3 Important Things To Know About Installing A Commercial Asphalt Parking Lot

As a business owner, you need to make sure your parking lot makes a positive statement. One way to ensure your parking lot makes a positive statement is by installing a nice commercial asphalt parking lot. A clean and professional-looking parking lot can really improve the curb appeal of your business. Important Thing #1: Work with An Experienced Commercial Paving Con

Your Driveway Can Look Almost Good As New When You Have The Pavers Cleaned And Sealed

A paver driveway adds beauty to your property, and it's a unique look since so many driveways are plain concrete or asphalt. However, without proper maintenance, a paver driveway can deteriorate and become an eyesore. Sealing the pavers helps your driveway hold on to its beauty. Here's a look at the benefits and process of paver sealing. Sealed Pavers Are Easier To Ke