Pave the Way: A Website About All Things Pavement

Pave the Way: A Website About All Things Pavement

Boost The Curb Appeal Of Your Home By Replacing The Driveway

When the driveway at the front of your home has seen better days, you may have begun thinking about working on the paving to make sure that it looks great again. Instead of struggling to boost the curb appeal by refinishing the paving on your own, you should look into all the different things that can be done by a professional to improve the paving of the driveway. Ch

3 Signs You Should Have Your Parking Lot Re-Striped More Often

When you first had your parking lot poured, you might have hired someone to paint stripes for designated parking spots, loading areas, and no-parking zones. Although the stripes that you have painted should last for a while, you will have to have parking lot striping done from time to time. These are a few signs that you should have parking lot striping done a little

Repairing Or Repaving? Which One Does My Parking Lot Need?

The parking lot at your business can give a first impression of your business to people that have never been there before. If the parking lot is in rough shape, you may want to talk to a paving contractor to see if you can repair the parking lot or if repaving is necessary.  Cracks and Small Holes When the weather changes from warm to cold rapidly, the asphalt on

Need To Install Concrete This Winter? Follow These Tips

Do you have an outdoor project that requires concrete and needs to be done, but now the cold weather has hit? If so, know that you don't have to postpone your project until the weather gets warm again. It's possible to install concrete during cold weather if you follow these tips. Verify That The Ground Isn't Frozen One very important aspect of installing concrete is

Add Interest To The Front Of Your House

Have you decided that 2020 will be the year that you will add interest to the front of your house? It might be that in the past you focused on having a beautiful back yard that you could use for family fun and for entertainment purposes. Since winter is here and you probably aren't doing a lot of gardening, this might be the perfect time to give attention to the front